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Baby Signing Time DVDs

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Sign and Grow Program
How It Works
1. Customers select the monthly program that is right for their budget and schedule.  Recurring billing will be initiated.
2. Customers attend their scheduled classes and receive their product kits monthly at their class. (Kit Only customers will have their kits shipped)
3. Customers can cancel at anytime without penalty

Benefits for Customers
1. Save up to 25% off retail on products.
2. Easy to select a class that fits their schedule and budget.
3. Auto Billing using Paypal is convenient and simple.
4. Exclusive members only Sign & Grow monthly email filled with help, tips and ideas. Written by certified academy instructors.
5. 10% Discount on any additional product purchases while a Sign & Grow member.
6. No Shipping fees when bundling classes with kits.

The Crawl Program (1-2 DVDs each month + Monthly Class)

The Walk Program (2-3 Products each month + Bi-Monthly Class)

The Run Program (3-5 Products each month + Weekly Class)

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