Thursday, March 14, 2013

What is the Signing Time Academy?

The Signing Time Academy is made up of certified Signing Time Academy Instructors like me that can teach classes, offer products, or do Home Parties! Check this out and see what it's all about! About the Signing Time Academy

Are you interested in taking classes? I offer private classes in your home.  I am trying to get a group class going in Hampton.  Check for details to come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Letter from Rachel Coleman, Signing Time Creator

Hi everyone, 

This is Rachel Coleman, host of Signing Time. We receive letters and emails every day from fans like you, who tell us how Signing Time has changed your life. We laugh, cry and celebrate with you.

You already know that Signing Time helps children communicate before they can talk, and that it improves spelling and literacy skills. You have already seen how the positive messages in Signing Time can increase self-esteem and strengthen family bonds. But there are SO many families out there who have not yet experienced the amazing benefits of Signing Time. 

With your help, we can share a free Signing Time Sampler video with 100,000 families in the next 9 days. 

Share the free sample digital video with your friends and family by giving them this link to your local Signing Time Academy Instructor's Digital Webstore:

This free digital video downloads directly to your computer so you can watch it any time. Plus, anyone (including you) who downloads this free video by May 18th will be automatically entered to win an iPad 3 which includes a complete Signing Time digital library or one of our other amazing prizes. Get details here

Thanks for helping us touch the lives of families around the world.  


Rachel Coleman
Co-founder and co-owner of Two Little Hands Productions

Friday, April 27, 2012

Enter to win a free iPad 3 and Signing Time Complete Digital Video Library!

Signing Time on Demand - iPad contest

Enter by downloading a free Signing Time digital video at:
Get an additional entry when you download other free videos. Purchase digital videos and get an additional entry for every $5 you spend! Save 5% with this coupon code: marie

Enter to win these prizes on or before May 18, 2012:
Signing Time on Demand Grand Prize
Signing Time on Demand First Prize
Signing Time on Demand Second Prize

Signing Time on Demand Third Prize

Contact me for details at:

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Come Sign With Marie Digital Store